I have recently given talks at Google, Pixar, Harvard Business School and Octavian Forum, NYC., and am available for select speaking engagements. If you would like to discuss a possible speaking engagement, please drop me a line or contact my agent Amanda Dawson.


Sample Talk

At Google, Mountain View, California, 12/9/16



Harvard Business Review


Sample Media Interviews and Podcasts

Fox Business News with Neil Cavuto 11/3/16

CNBC Squawk Box with Andrew Sorkin11/3/16

NPR interview with Leonard Lopate 11/7/16

a16z Andreesen Horowitz podcast (11/11/16)

Business Insider video (11/17/16)

The Big Think video (11/25/16)

Finding Mastery Podcast (3/22/2017)


Sample Topic


I am often asked:
- What was it like working with Steve Jobs?
- How did Pixar do it over and over again?
- Why did I leave corporate life to study meditation and eastern philosophy?
In this talk I discuss my book To Pixar and Beyond, share some thoughts about these questions, and invite questions and discussion.