Over the past few years I have given many talks, interviews and podcasts on creativity, innovation, collaboration and corporate culture; as well as meditation, burnout and finding peace and harmony amidst the chaotic nature of modern life. Engagements have included Harvard, Yale, Pixar, Google, LVMH, the Octavian Forum, NEXUS, and numerous innovation, policy, and media events. Lately, many of these engagements have been ZOOM events. If you would like to discuss a possible speaking engagement, please drop me a line. Thank you.


Sample Appearances on To Pixar and Beyond


Octavian Forum

ABC Television, Australia

Sample Appearances on Burnout in Modern Culture

Connecticut Children’s Hospital

Tricycle Magazine Podcast

HIPPO Education



Harvard Business Review

Octavian Report


Sample Media Interviews and Podcasts

CNBC Squawk Box with Andrew Sorkin

a16z Andreesen Horowitz podcast

Business Insider video

The Big Think video

Finding Mastery Podcast