Meditation and the Middle Way

In Part 4 of To Pixar and Beyond I describe my journey into meditation, the ideas of the Middle Way and the creation of Juniper Foundation, an organization dedicated to bringing these ideas to contemporary life. The more I am engaged in this work, the more convinced I am of its potential to bring much needed harmony and wellbeing to our world. You can learn more about Juniper here.

Meditation and its Benefits

The premise of meditation is that inner freedom arises from inner stability, not the gyrations of our emotions. By strengthening the mind in the proper way we can create the inner momentum to transform our experience and gain new levels of clarity, awareness and joy.

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Introducing the Middle Way

The premise of the Middle Way is that the mind is prone to rigid, extreme ways of thinking that bring us considerable hardship. By learning to go beyond this inner rigidity, we can discover an inner freedom that will open the door to a more harmonious, fluid, open way of being.

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